The Isaiah House - KZN

Vision & Mission

To position the people of Lower Molweni to know Jesus Christ and to be transformed holistically.


Young people are unmotivated to excel due to lack of vocational prospects. After high school, they have nowhere to go and nothing to do. More>>

Seeing no future to work toward, they often begin making destructive decisions at a young age. The school life expectancy in South Africa is age 14 (

Isaiah House Impact
The Isaiah House facility has been made available as a study space for students. Approximately 12 high school students have been using the space regularly. Since doing so, they have earned distinctions/honors in their studies. One recent high school graduate, currently working as a chef at a local restaurant, shared that he and his friends were able to succeed academically because of having the Isaiah House space. The Isaiah House has also been sponsoring one student through High School via donors.

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The currently unemployment rate in South Africa is 25% and most adults in Lower Molweni are untrained in trades. More>>

Unemployment among youth ages 15-24 is 51.4%. The people have become passive recipients of handouts and are discouraged and disempowered.

Isaiah House Impact
Several adults working with the Isaiah House have gained full-time employment through our networks and connections. Currently, the Isaiah House is offering computer skills training and driving training. IH has also received government grants which have employed ten young adults to serve the needs of the community.

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For the people of Lower Molweni, living in a state of high stress, experiencing trauma, and being surrounded by violence is normal. More>>

In order to survive, people repress their emotional needs. This results in psychosomatic symptoms (physical manifestations of psychological problems) and significant emotional delays.

Isaiah House Impact
IH Staff have assisted several young women in recovering from sexual assault experiences. Discipleship training forums have provided space for members of the community to find emotional healing and restoration, and counseling and trainings have been done addressing trauma and other hurts.

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Family life has been broken down due to numerous factors including alcoholism, promiscuity, abuse of woman and children, violence, unemployment, and poverty. More>>

There is also a general lack of mistrust due to gossip, jealousy, and a lack of solidarity.

Isaiah House Impact
IH staff have created a counter culture in Molweni – one of forgiveness, reconciliation, wise choices, commitment to marriage, unity, and life-giving words and actions. We have thrown weddings, taught parenting courses, and come along side family units to support and counsel them.

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With an estimated 5.6 million HIV-positive people, South Africa continues to have the world's largest HIV epidemic. More>>

In South Africa, HIV prevalence among women aged 20-24 is approximately 21%, compared to about 7% among men in the same age range ( Tuberculosis is also common. Children in Lower Molweni often develop minor illnesses due to poor hygiene and lack of First Aid training. The people of Lower Molweni do have access to free basic clinics and government hospitals but lack transportation and often receive subpar treatment.

Isaiah House Impact
IH staff provides transportation for medical appointments and opens the IH facility to be used for basic checkups and HIV-testing for community members. IH Staff have also begun fitness training sessions.

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The Good News of grace in Jesus Christ has been polluted by legalism, influences from other religions, and ancestor worship. More>>

Superstition and witchcraft continue to have a deceptive hold over many peoples' hearts and lives due to limited education and fear.

Isaiah House Impact
IH staff have planted Grace Love Truth Umgababa (Isaiah House’s church) which is a Christ-centered, grace-based community church. IH Staff have a discipleship team of ten young adults, who are now reaching out to local communities and schools with the good news of freedom in Jesus Christ.

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